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Parksafe PSDVR009

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Item Description & Details

  • PSDVR009
  • HD Witness Camera with GPS and software
  • Includes 8GB memory card
What is a Digital Video Recorder?

A Digital video recorder is a device which records inside or outside the vehicle whilst you are driving.

Why use a Digital Video Recorder?

  • It records whilst you are driving, capturing video,map logging and speed
  • Helps protect you from false insurance claims
  • Driving Schools like to record scenarios for their pupils
  • Protection for Fleet and Hire vans
  • Is it easy to install?

    Yes, very easy - It fixes to the windscreen by a small mount (about 35mm x 35mm) with a 3M sticky pad this contains the GPS aerial, the camera then slides onto the bracket and whole unit is easily powered from a cigarette light plug.

    Need it fitted? From as little as 29.99* we can hard-wire to your car. (So no wires criss-crossing your dashboard down to the cigarette lighter!) Installation is available at our stores* or mobile service 69.99 throughout the South. Tele 01293 533941 for details. Can you tell me more about the DVR?

  • Video Resolution - The unit records in Full HD - 1080p - 720p.
  • Digital Camera - The unit can take Jpeg photos in 12m - 8m - 5m - 3m.
  • Webcam - The unit when connected to the pc can be used as a webcam.
  • TV Out - The unit has a HDMI port, so it can be plugged direct into a tv. (HDMI lead Included)
  • G Sensor - The G sensor activates when the vehicle has been involved in a accident, and saves the data in a event folder,to help find the video quickly.
  • Time & Date - The time and date is stamped in the video for evidence of time at location.
  • Driver Stamp - This function helps if you have a fleet of vehicle 1-9, the video cards can be stamped with a number, so numbers can be allocated to a certain vehicle.
  • Loop setting - Loop setting is the amount of time the video records before making a new file, 1, 3 or 5 minute video files can be used. When the card is full the unit will write over the oldest file first
  • Power off screen - the screen can be set to switch off after 1,3 or 5 minutes so that is does not distract the driver.
  • What is the software for?

    In the box you will receive a free micro SD card and USB card reader also there will be a software installation disc. When you have video files on the SD card you are able to view this in the software.
    In the software you will be able to view

  • The video of your driving
  • A tracker map from A to B using google maps (Internet connection required)
  • Speed of the vehicle in MPH
  • X Y Z Map references
  • Key Features:

  • Records Sound and Video
  • Full HD
  • GPS
  • Software - Gps logging, Google maps and Speed
  • Colour display
  • Micro SD card with usb reader
  • HDMI lead
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Viewing Angle - 120 Degree
  • Zoom - 4 x Digital zoom
  • Mega Pixels - 5 Mega pixel digital camera
  • Recording - 1920 x 1080 H264
  • HD - Yes
  • FPS - 30 Frames per second
  • AV Out - Yes
  • Storage - Micro SD upto 32g
  • Speaker - Built in speaker
  • Microphone - Built in microphone