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Connects2 ICT70-965

Car audio
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  • DIN Antenna Splitter to DAB & FM
This splitter converts and standard FM signal to both DAB and FM DAB amplifier splitter.

Only to be used on cars with original passive antennas.(not amplifiled)

Quick fit DAB antenna is for cars with DIN original antenna connectors, it can be used on other cars with the addition of an antenna adapter.

This amplifier takes a separate 12V supply feed, it can also work with the 5V phantom power supplied by most DAB units via the DAB connection.

Splits the existing FM antenna into both FM and DAB.

SMB connector for DAB radios.

This interface is designed to be used in cars with passive or non amplified antennas. This is because many cars that have amplified antennas also have filters built in to the amplifier, this filters out the frequencies that DAB is transmitted on. Traditionally, this adapter is ideal for Asian, American and older European cars that have roof mounted whip antennas. Many newer European cars, such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen, have hidden antennas in the windows or discreet appearance shark fin antennas which have signal amplifiers and filters built in. Check the type of antenna fitted to the car before fitting.